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Terms Trouwen in Le Marche

Terms Trouwen in Le Marche

Trouwen in Le Marche organises weddings in Italy. Trouwen in Le Marche works together with various providers, so that different (general) conditions may apply to contracts to be entered into directly with these providers. These general terms and conditions are therefore only applicable to the activities of Trouwen in Le Marche. The conditions below apply in any case to all offers, confirmations and invoices of Trouwen in Le Marche.

In the event of conflict with the general terms and conditions of providers and Trouwen in Le Marche, the conditions of the provider prevail over the relevant part of the agreement to which the general terms and conditions of the provider apply.


1.1 Trouwen in Le Marche: contractor who organises weddings in Italy and acts as mediator between (different) provider (s) and the customer.

1.2 The customer: the client / buyer or anyone who enters into or wants to enter into an agreement with the contractor or for whom the contractor makes an offer, search or mediation.

1.3 Provider: every business service provider / supplier, on behalf of whom the contractor mediates and with which the customer enters into direct agreements after mediation by Trouwen in Le Marche.

1.4 Organising: organising weddings, advising on or finding providers of locations for festivities such as civil and church wedding, accommodation locations, catering, musical decoration, styling locations, wedding wear, local transport, master of ceremonies and hostesses, etc.

1.5 Search: at the request of a customer, without obligation, to investigate whether the desired organisation is possible. This is only an assignment, in which Trouwen in Le Marche and the customer are not mutually bound, instead otherwise is agreed.

1.6 Mediation: searching for providers on behalf of the customer, whereby Trouwen in Le Marche does not act on behalf of the provider.


2.1 Trouwen in Le Marche will only proceed to offer / order confirmation after a search has been made, if it is certain that it can be offered (partially) by the provider. Only by offering a quotation or confirmation of order and acceptance of it, an agreement will arise between Trouwen in Le Marche and the client, with due observance of possible stated reservations.

2.2 The offer / order confirmation, unless otherwise indicated, shall be valid for 10 calendar days from the date of quotation.

2.3 All offers / order confirmations are subject to a reservation of availability of the offered. This will be verified as much as possible for the submission of the quotation and wherever possible, as wide as possible options will be placed.

2.4 The agreement covers only what is stated in the quotation / order confirmation. Unless otherwise stated in the offer / order confirmation. Other aspects for which the customer has placed a search mission without obligation is not part of the agreement, and shall therefore be concluded in a separate agreement.

2.5 Unless otherwise indicated in the offer / order confirmation, the numbers, dates and / or times stated therein are fixed. Should changes occur in eg the composition and / or number of persons of the guest list after acceptance of the quotation / order confirmation, then Trouwen in Le Marche is not obliged to make offers for this or make adjustments. Only after written agreement of Trouwen in Le Marche the original agreement can be changed. Any additional costs of changes and additional agreements are always at the expense of the customer.

2.6 After acceptance of the quotation / order confirmation is this, subject to the reservations mentioned in the offer / order confirmation, binding, regardless of whether or not realising other searches for the customer.

Article 3 – THE OPTION

3.1 An option at the chosen location is taken after a search and after the express wish of the customer. All quotations / order confirmations will include the reservation of availability and options.

3.2 For options, a maximum number of days applies within which the offer can be accepted, depending on the term and the conditions set by the provider.

3.3 Trouwen in Le Marche will immediately announce an option placed, as well as the conditions under which the option can be converted into a definitive reservation. By the timely and complete compliance with the conditions by the customer, the placed option is converted into a final reservation. This is followed by a written reservation confirmation.

3.4 After the option expires, the offer has expired and can no longer be appealed to. Trouwen in Le Marche can not guarantee that the desired offer can again be reserved for the desired period and / or price. In that case, a new quotation / order confirmation will be issued if necessary and a new option must be taken.

Article 4 – THE LOCATION

4.1 Trouwen in Le Marche is only active as a mediator between the customer and various providers, including the owners / managers of locations, and therefore the conditions stated by the provider always apply. These conditions are not part of the agreement that Trouwen in Le Marche concludes with the customer.

4.2 Trouwen in Le Marche is not liable for the manner in which the provider of a location implements its obligations. Trouwen in Le Marche does not bear any responsibility for the quality of the locations concerned, or the price / quality ratio.

Article 5 – PAYMENT

5.1 After the acceptance of the quotation / order by written confirmation by the customer, the invoice will follow.

5.2 Payments must be made: 50% seven days after the date of the invoice, the remaining amount at the latest 30 days before the wedding or ceremony, unless otherwise stated.

5.3 Additional costs will be charged separately after approval by the customer, whereby the additional invoice must be paid within 7 days after invoicing, unless otherwise stated.

5.4 After expiry of a period of 7 days after the invoice date, the customer is in default and from that moment on the due amount the statutory interest. In addition, all reasonable costs incurred in obtaining settlement out of court are at the expense of the customer, all this in accordance with the Standardisation of Extrajudicial Costs Act.

5.5 In case of discontinuation of the company, bankruptcy or suspension of payment of the customer, the obligations of the buyer will be immediately due and payable.

5.6 Payment of offers from suppliers shall take place in accordance with the conditions and terms to be drawn up by the supplier.


6.1 In the event of cancellation by the customer, the following conditions apply:

In the event of cancellation more than three months before the date of arrival: 50% of the total agreed sum of what is canceled;

In case of cancellation by 3 months or less before the arrival date: 100% of the total agreed sum of what is canceled;

6.2 The aforementioned percentages are fixed, unless Trouwen in Le Marche can demonstrate that her direct and / or indirect damage is greater, or that the client can make plausible, that the damage is smaller.

6.3 In case of force majeur, such as strike, war, exceptional weather conditions, death of the owner, fire in wedding location and all other unforeseen reasons that make the agreement not feasible and which cannot reasonably be for the account and risk of Trouwen in Le Marche, Trouwen in Le Marche is entitled to dissolve the agreement without being obliged to pay any compensation or refund of the agreed sum.

Article 7 – LIABILITY

7.1 The results of the application and use of the studies and advice provided by Trouwen in Le Marches are dependent on many factors that are beyond the influence of Trouwen in Le Marche. Although the assignment is carried out by Trouwen in Le Marche to the best of its knowledge and ability and in accordance with the requirements of good craftsmanship, Trouwen in Le Marche can therefore not give any guarantees with respect to the results of the studies and advice provided by it.

7.2 Trouwen in Le Marche is only liable to the customer for damage as a result of serious shortcomings in the performance of the assignment, insofar as this could have been avoided if the care and expertise on which the given job situation was expected was taken into account. In no event shall this liability of Trouwen in Le Marche for detrimental consequences of any shortcomings extend beyond the amount of the fee due for the relevant services, on assignments with a longer term than six months further limited to the last six months fee portion due.

7.3 Trouwen in Le Marche is not liable for any damage resulting from eg bad weather conditions or other subjective circumstances. Poor weather conditions never entail termination of the agreement, nor the obligation to adjust the agreement to the circumstances, unless this is expressly stated in the agreement. If this has not been agreed, it should be considered on the spot in consultation between Trouwen in Le Marche and the customer whether and if so how any adjustments can take place. Additional costs associated with this are not included in the agreement and are fully charged to the customer.

Article 8 – COMPLAINTS

8.1 Any complaints that can not be rectified on the spot should be made known to Trouwen in Le Marche as soon as possible but no later than 7 calendar days after returning from the trip.

8.2 Trouwen in Le Marche is not responsible for the (in) correctness of tourist information, nor for not being able to carry out what was agreed by negligence of the customer in the field of required travel documentation (valid passports / identity cards etc.)

8.3 Trouwen in Le Marche is not responsible for price variations on menus of various restaurants, if not reserved by Trouwen in Le Marche.


Trouwen in Le Marche would appreciate it if the customer would like to pass on his / her experiences to Trouwen in Le Marche.


All agreements to which these terms and conditions are declared applicable are subject to Dutch law and in the event of a dispute the District Court Zeeland-West-Brabant is competent to take cognisance of this dispute.